Emma, are you Father Ambrose?

There are aspects of me that show up in Father Ambrose. I think the most pronounced aspects show up in his eclectic approach to spirituality.

New Life was founded by men and women who didn't want to be bound by dogma or strict formulas for spiritual/religious practice. Ambrose has continued leading the community from that perspective while adding some of his own more broad-based approaches.

My own history reflects that viewpoint, and my shelves are crammed with books on many different aspects of spirituality - both from the West and from the East.

You'll see more of that woven in as the series proceeds.

But I'm not the same as Father Ambrose. First of all, he's a man! So, his qualities remind me of several different men I've known in the communities where I've studied. The pictures I've found here, looked at together, are similar to how I see him physically.

In truth, his character has been revealed to me as I write. It's like talking to someone I know already, without knowing what he's going to do or say next. And I like it that way! It's like walking into a TV show that I love and just writing down what I see and experience.