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Life Without Shoes Life Without Shoes (Father Ambrose #1)
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ratings: 168 (avg rating 4.02)

Here's what professional reviewers said about Life Without Shoes~~~

Can the visionary Father Ambrose hold onto his own peace of mind, help his fragile community survive, and assist the police in catching a murderer? Life Without Shoes is a gentle newcomer in the world of clerical mysteries—welcome!
— Donna Fletcher Crow, The Monastery Murders
(A) well-plotted mystery with strong forward momentum…. solidly engaging with realistic descriptions and a clear sense of place…. well-anchored in classic works of detective fiction; while there are familiar elements at play, (the) narrative features freshness through its carefully crafted details.
— The BookLife Prize
A butchered and bagged body shatters a spiritual community’s peace in California….The interactions between characters are skillfully rendered, as is the dialogue…. A well-written story....
— Kirkus Reviews

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Amazing attention grabbing well written murder mystery. I really enjoyed this well written whodunit, the characters were strong and believable, with a well-planned story line with a few twists…. It has so much drama and action I lost sleep since I just had to finish the book in one sitting.
A great new detective!...In this book the main character is not the cliché hard-boiled detective, but rather a spiritual person who brings his meditation practice to bear in interacting with people…. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
A compelling and compassionate mystery - I couldn’t pry myself away….I join those who eagerly await Emma’s next book.
Navigating that fine line....This book is almost like a cross between a cozy mystery…and a thriller....(It) grabs your attention right from the start and holds it throughout.
A modern monk mystery for the win!... This was a completely different take on monk\nun sleuths and I’m in love! Emma Cyrus shows you don’t have to shout to be heard and kindness prevails.

Everyone has an inner life.

Father Ambrose found a simple, worthwhile path leading a secluded spiritual community in Northern California. He spends his days happily focused on guiding the farming and teaching meditation. Then, someone dumps a body in one of their orchards.

Now, the confusion and violence of the modern world have come crashing through the gates. Father Ambrose wants Sheriff Charlie Cormley to believe the body has nothing to do with them, but it’s not that easy.

He reluctantly takes on the sleuth’s role to find the truth and clear New Life of suspicion. He finds himself moving out into the world in ways he never imagined, and life in his community will never be the same.